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eLearning & Online Training

We help our Clients take advantage of the available Online Learning options of today.

Online Learning continues to be an asset to Organizations in today’s world of instant information.

The following are some samples of Online Learning that we have produced for Clients.


There are many different types of Online Learning. Because of the intellectual property responsibilities we incur when we work on a project, there is only so much we can show.


Terri Shearer, the president and owner of several companies, has been in the technology and training business since 1982. Terri has been self-employed since 1996 and has worked in digital marketing since 2006. Terri's experience working for, owning, or consulting to companies such as AT&T, Charter Communications, Berlitz/Telelangue Language Schools, National Association of Electrical Distributors, YellowPages.com, Anheuser-Busch, Aditi International, Merck, Skillsoft, Instancy, Ralston Purina, Motorola, Data General, and Wave Technologies, to name a few, continues to give her leading-edge experience. Companies she has owned or have had majority ownership include: ShearTech Advantage, ShearLearn Global and Aditi International.

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